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Medicare Annual Notice of Change

Get ready Suffolk County, Long Island! Buckle up, it's coming! If you are already enrolled in a Medicare Plan, your plan will be sending you an ANOC. You should receive it in September. This is a letter to you describing any changes to your plan. These changes, effective for January 2024, can include changes in your coverage (whether added or reduced), copays, deductibles, coinsurance or premium costs. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT. If you do not receive this letter, call your plan and request one. Please open this letter and read it. Review changes to the plan, if any, and decide if this plan will continue to meet your needs for the new year. This is why it is important to work with a Medicare Agent that is familiar with Medicare Plans that are available in Suffolk County, Long Island. We can help you evaluate if your current plan still makes sense or if there might be a plan that better meets your current needs, at no cost to you! Why do this alone? Give us a call.

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