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Client Testimonials

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Patricia Cowie

Diane was extremely professional. She took her time with me explaining the details of the different plans, comparing them, and helping me to make the decision that was best for my needs. She was kind and patient with me giving me the time I needed to understand everything involved. She made a daunting process easy. I will be referring all my friends.

Jeff Grube

Diane was very helpful in helping me understand the different plans and options available to me.  The whole process was not rushed at all and I'm very happy with the plan I settled on.  Diane is very knowledgeable and has a great personality as well.

Annette Hughes

Diane was very knowledgeable and helpful to both me and my husband. She took her time to explain the different plans that she thought would work for the both of us. She is a very honest and dedicated woman. She made sure as seniors we understood everything and helped us find the best plan that worked for our health needs. Also, she let us know we could reach out to her at anytime if we had questions.

Irene Labella

I just became eligible for medicare and I'm sure like many people was unsure of the additional plans and what they covered or how much they'd cost.Diane Andree helped me navigate this via Zoom. She was so helpful and easy to understand and shared her screens with me so that I could see side-by-side comparisons. I felt she had my best interest in mind and we chose a plan that would actually pay me back, Also keeping my favorite doctor in the plan. If you need help I would say Diane is your go to she is a wonderful easy person to deal with.

Linda Brunner

Diane was wonderful. This is my first year on Medicare and she walked me through the whole process. She came to my home with a printed version  of powerpoint and after she finished going over everything from soup to nuts, it was more understandable. All I had to do was pick a plan! She filled out the application for me, which was a big help. I would highly recommend her.

Carlton Murray

Diane is the best broker I've ever work with, she really knows her job.

I was well educated by her professional skills she has a lot of them if you are looking for a broker look no further you will not be disappointed.

One of her skills is to listen and then lead you to the right path check her out I wish they had ten stars.

Kim Smith

I found Diane to be a very pleasant person that was very knowledgeable in all the various Medicare advantage plans. She took the time to explain all the possible options I had & which one would be best for me! I was very happy with my choice!

I would highly recommend Diane to anyone!

Tina Toscano

Diane Andree was a referral from a friend. She came to the house she was very knowledgeable she took the time to research our Drs. And prescriptions,  she was  very well prepared, she explained  the different plans and found the best one for us. Loved talking to her she is  very nice and professional I feel I can call her with any follow questions that I might have in the future. I would definitely recommend her to people I know.

Geraldine O'Grady

Such a pleasure to deal with Dianne.  This process is very overwhelming to the average person but with Diane's help it was so easy.  She did all the work and explained things so that I understood  and could make the best decision for me. I highly recommend her especially for first timers like me! And she has a great sense of humor !!!!Thanks Diane for all for help

Paul Challita

Go to Diane if you ever need help with your Medicare plans! I just turned 68 and my Medicare Advantage carrier advised me that they no longer offer the plan for 2023. I spent 2 weeks frantically researching the various options of Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement which was enough to confuse the hell out of me and leave me hopelessly frantic in Lala land. I finally called back my carrier Emblemhealth to find a similar plan. They gave me an appointment a week later to discuss it with a certified agent. A few days before the appt I received a call from Diane who introduced herself and asked about what's important to me in a health plan so she can research it and be ready to discuss it in our appointment. I welcomed the call and asked to finalize it then if possible. She was more than willing to accommodate and help me select a plan. She is very knowledgeable, pleasant and patient. She answered all my questions and concerns and walked me through the selection process and the myriad of available options. I was thrilled to talk to a consummate professional who knew the ins and outs and provide me the help I needed to select a good plan. She was a tremendous help lifting this burden off and provided relief and piece of mind.

Lonnie Luongo

ABC and Diane Andree certainly get my five  She's an exceptional broker with a complete understanding of her health option offerings, as well as good communication skills to articulate those options in a way that was easy to understand.  When I didn't understand, Diane was patient to listen to my many questions and concerns and explain it fully again so that I could make a decision that was right for my personal needs.
Diane was socially kind while being 100% professional.  If I am in need of any further assistance, I know Diane is only a phone call away.
I made an excellent choice when I contacted her and I will be referring her services to friends who may be as confused as I was and in need of someone who will be a help to them and their needs.  Thank you...

Riva R

I spoke with Diane extensively yesterday and last night. Shortly before, I had provided her with my list of doctors, medications and pharmacies used.  She must have spent at least half a day researching plans for me, comparing them against what I currently have.  She is so intent on doing what's best for her clients, she freely admitted that she couldn't provide anything better than what I already have (retiree plan from my former company). After comparing prices, while I could get a zero premium plan, my med costs increased and while the cost for dental was very low, my co-pays would have been higher, and I have about a dozen specialists, some of which I see 2 or 3 times a year.  Diane doesn't sell policies just to sell, she has integrity and wants to make sure it's for YOUR benefit, not hers. Trust her!!

Harvey Hirsh

Diane is extremely easy to work with. She is very professional and understands the world of Medicare very well. She explained in detail my options and verified whether my doctors and medications were covered and how much they cost. Diane returns calls and emails very quickly and I have a great deal of trust with her. She has a wonderful personality and understands your needs. I recommend Diane and you will not be disappointed.

James Nelson

Diane Andree has been instrumental to providing my wife and I with excellent Medicare coverage for our specific needs for years ! I highly recommend her for all your Medicare needs !

Sue Smith

I was very impressed by Diane's knowledge of the various Medicare plans available. She always took the time to explain how I would be affected by the various choices in coverages. I would recommend anyone who may be interested in learning any phase of the Medicare coverages to contact her.

Rich Rippert

Diane was great in getting us the best plan to fit our needs.  She took her time with us to guide us through all the possible options, and find the one that would be the best choice for our needs and was affordable.  She was very caring.   I highly recommend her!

D. L.

Diane Andrée is very knowledgeable and is in the process of helping me make some decisions on Medicare Supplemental Insurance. The whole Medicare transition has been more understandable with her guidance. Diane also helped my sister and brother-in-Law, they said that she cleared up the questions they had and saved them some money in the process! I highly recommend using Diane Andrée's services as opposed to trying to navigate the system alone.

Gene Schroer

Was able to get Diane Andre to help me navigate the labyrinth of forms and options available for my health care planning requirements - although the journey was fraught with problems from the various providers she was able to muster through it all and accomplish a great job of ensuring that i have the plans i need to address my requirements way to go Diane thanks again

Ray Rosalia

Mrs. Andree was very prompt and helpful in addressing my Medicare coverage needs and making sure I received the most appropriate and cost effective plan. I will recommend her to others.

Dwight W

First rate, professional, educated and well-versed in this challenging business. Her attention to detail, follow through, keen action orientation and honesty are astounding. Diane is the best in her field!

William lukert

Dianne was very organized and thorough presenting possible plans! She helped us find the plan that best suited our needs! Awesome experience!

Maureen B

Diane was very helpful and pleasant.  She was knowledgeable and friendly.  I would refer my friends to her.

Maria Hawkins

I was pleasantly surprised at the genuine knowledgeable, agent patience with me

Marilyn Weingarten

Diane was very helpful

Laurie Scola

Diane, the broker  from ABC Medicare Plans was awesome.  She was extremely knowledgeable about all the different Medicare options and walked me through each one. She made sure all my doctors were in the plan we selected and that all my prescriptions were as well. She made this process so easy. I am grateful for Diane for finding me a great affordable policy.
Many Regards,
Laurie S

Anthony Spataro

Diane was very pleasant and personable knowledgeable and patient verified my doctors and medications were covered and explained everything very happy with her service thank you

Geri Zuber

I found navigating Medicare a bit confusing and overwhelming. That's why I am so glad I got to meet with Diane for a "coffee and learn" seminar so she could guide me through it. She was very helpful, patient, and informative. She saved me a lot of time and aggravation and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend her!

Brian Smith

I received a brochure from Diane in the mail to setup an appointment to walk through my Medicare advantage options. At the same time, I was in the process of signing up for my Social Security and I was confused by some of the information they were requesting. I contacted her and she gave me some very valuable guidance and advice. Once I was signed up, I met with her to discuss my plan options and she made a confusing process so much easier. She walked me through everything, patiently explaining everything and we found a plan that best met my needs. She is someone who goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are taken care of. Diane is extremely knowledgeable and professional.


Victoria Fitzpatrick

I would like the public to know my experience with Diane Andree as a Medicare enroller. I came across a post card that was
mailed to my address, and saved it thinking I may use it.  I called her as my Medicare enrollment end date was getting close.  I found Diane to be very easy to speak with, very earnest, and very helpful during the enrollment process, which was frustrating. Together we were able to get into the correct plan for myself.  I have since had several contacts w Diane to help me with other questions and she has even 3-way-called my previous health provider to verify  information. She is amazing!
She will go above and beyond to assist you and your family. Follow up is prompt.
I am very grateful for saving that postcard she mailed. Her knowledge and helpfulness
is greatly  appreciated . I will plan to continue with her services. Thank you, so much Diane.


Augustine Sotomayor

Diane is a seasoned professional with years of experience, and a valuable asset to her field. She is the person you want on your side for this task. Diane's knowledge, intelligence, patience, sense of humor, and great interactive personality made the whole process extremely easy , and yes, even fun!! Diane is that diamond!! The Best in the field!!  I am thankful that our paths have crossed!!

LiZa Coppola

Diane took all the guess work out of signing up for Medicare! She comprehensively answered all my questions and took time to go over in detail, the plan options that were available to me Diane created a personal profile of my health and budget and managed to find a plan that would pay ME. I was super impressed by her thoroughness and thoughtfulness. She's the best!

Maria Danielle

Ugh, I was so lost until a friend connected me to Diane. She worked for days to find the right plan for me, which was not easy considering my situation. Diane is extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and truly cares about her client's well-being. I HIGHLY recommend her.Thanks so much, Diane. You're a blessing.

Mark Schirmer

Diane was very informative in helping me select the right Medicare plan. We will reach out to her when my wife becomes eligible for her Medicare benefits. I highly recommend her in selecting the right plan for you.

The Ferchlands

I felt so lost and didn’t know what direction to take when it was time to sign up for Medicare. Diane Andree from ABC Medicare sat with me and showed me all my options.  I now have a much better understanding and believe my needs will be met. I am so grateful to her and all the time she spent with me. THANK YOU DIANE.

Fran Shea

I must rave about Diane Andree!  She has been a wealth of information and a comfort as I navigate all of the  Medicare nuances. I have had a very complicated exit from my employment and Diane has been available, attentive and very CLEAR in how to make choices and manage the details as I leave my employment and transition to Medicare coverage. I will continue to recommend her services to anyone in need of a competent and accessible broker!

Joan and Sandy Schram

So very glad we found Diane Andree as we were  exploring the complexities of choosing a Medicare  Plan. My husband started with a phone call conversation and Diane graciously agreed to meet in person in our home. Diane interviewed each of us separately and as a couple and assessed our different health care needs now and going forward.  Given our particular situations, she explained the different coverage options by insurance carriers in terms of quality and cost.Diane was professional, knowledgeable, and she clearly explained each point and answered all our questions.  At no time did she try to force a decision one way or another.  Her expertise was most helpful and reassuring. It was a great relief to us to have an experienced and knowledgeable professional demystify the complexities of making this important decision.We recommend Diane Andree without hesitation. You will not be disappointed!

Evy H.

Trusting someone is the most important thing to me...I asked Diane to help me with Medicare and a drug plan...She didn't try to sell me anything...She helped me with exactly what I needed help with, and explained all the options that were available...She was able to answer any question that I had, and the fact that she was so knowledgable helped me make my decision.  Thank you so, so much Diane.

R.P. Infantino

Before I turned 65, I knew I needed to research my options for health insurance. By luck, I met Diane Andree who is so knowledgeable on the subject she could write a book.
Diane knew the answers to all my questions and if she didn't, she knew where to find them.
She set me up with a great medicare plan that is not only affordable, but has many perks which I never would have gotten had I done it myself. When I have questions, I call and she's always there to pick up. If not, she gets back to me immediately. She's always at my disposal.
And on top of her vast knowledge, experience, and connections, Diane is one of the most personable people I have ever met. Even though she is my Medicare Broker, she treats me like a friend. 
You can't beat that.
So don't rely on luck, call Diane Andree and get all the benefits that you deserve.

Lee Dascole

Diane was extremely knowledgeable about different plans offered. Very patient explaining all my options. Have already referred to friends.

Patience Scott

A very good experience. Answered my questions & could not have been more helpful in explaining the options available to me.

Bobby Jenkins

I just got off the phone with Diane. As with anyone turning 65 and having to go on medicare. We all are aware of how confusing the change over is. After spending some time with her. I have a much better grasp how all the plans work. She was extremely thorough and was able to answer all my questions. I feel much better understanding the whole process. I highly recommend to take the time to speak with her. It'll ease the pain and stress. Bob J.

Antonette Panebianco

Diane was incredible! We were overwhelmed when my mom's Medicare plan was terminating! She took us through the process seamlessly! With such attention to detail and concern for our needs! It was like working with a close friend!

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