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Easy Medicare Plan Enrollment!

No cost to you for our Services

Diane Andree


Diane Andree of ABC Medicare Plans Broker is an Independent Agent who helps people better understand their Medicare Plan options.


Healthcare needs are different for everyone and Diane prides herself on finding the best fit to meet the needs of each client she works with. She is passionate about making sure her Medicare clients don't pay too much or miss out on any benefits.

In addition to specializing in Medicare Plans, Diane Andree has had a successful career for over 20 years advising small business owners about their Group Health Insurance and educating personal clients about Annuities. Being an Independent Broker has always allowed Diane to work for her clients without being limited to one company. Recommendations are unbiased and entirely based on the needs of the client. Diane can help clients in English,

o puede explicar todo en Español

Why Work With Me?

It can be overwhelming to comprehend exactly what the benefits are, and what your choices are when it comes to Medicare.  What's covered and how?  What's not covered?  If you are confused, you are not alone.  Let us help you sort it all out.  At no cost to you, we explain how Medicare works and what your options are.  We consider your doctors, your medications, and your budget.  Then, we give you year-round customer service and review your plan every year to make sure it still meets your needs.  Let us do the work for you!

Independent Brokers are not obligated to promote certain plans.  We work with all the major carriers*, which gives us the flexibility to help you compare plan benefits and costs to decide which one matches your situation.  We are compensated by the insurance carriers for helping you to enroll.  Discover how to maximize the benefits you are entitled to and choose which plan is right for you!


Se Habla Español

Many people work with an Independent Broker because they: 


  • consider your personal needs

  • do the research for you 

  • clearly present your best options 

  • help you with enrollment 

Independent Brokers also teach you about the: 

  • benefits of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan 

  • extra coverage provided by Medicare

  • best Prescription Plans based on your needs 

If you are already enrolled in a plan, and we find a better one for you, don't feel stuck!  You can change your plan during certain times of the year! 

*Disclaimer:  We work with all the major insurance carriers, but we do not represent every plan in your area.  We demonstrate on all of your options, but specific information we provide is limited to those plans we do represent in your area.  Feel free to contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.


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