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Dual Medicare Advantage Plans (D-SNP)

There are some special Medicare Advantage Plans that fall under the category of Special Needs Plans (SNP).  A Special Needs Plan (SNP) provides benefits and services to people with specific conditions, certain health care needs, or who also have Medicaid.  Their benefits, provider choices, and list of covered drugs (formularies) are tailored to best meet the specific needs of the groups they serve.  Similar to regular Medicare Advantage Plans, SNPs are either HMO or PPO plan types, and cover the same Medicare Part A and Part B benefits that all Medicare Advantage Plans cover. However, SNPs might also cover extra services for their members. You can only stay enrolled in an SNP if you continue to meet the special conditions of the plan.

One type of SNP is called a Dual Medicare Advantage Plan(D-SNP).  It is for beneficiaries that are dual qualified for Medicare and Medicaid.  D-SNPS contract with your State Medicaid program to help coordinate your Medicare and Medicaid benefits, depending on the state and your eligibility.  One of the nice extra benefits of enrolling in these plans in Suffolk County and Nassau County, Long Island is that some offer a monthly Flexible Spending allowance.  These are monthly monies that sometimes can be used towards OTC, healthy groceries, utilities, etc, depending on the plan.  The monthly amounts and the permissive use of the funds vary.  One important key is to make sure that your doctors are in the network of the plan you choose, especially because some of them are HMO’s which means they cover in-network doctors only.

At ABC Medicare Plans Broker, we can research which plans have your doctors in the network and compare the benefits of the D-SNP plans available in your area.  Give us a call 631-337-3625

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